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Two Levels of Membership
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Two Levels of Service
Pro Lab - Membership Tiers

All professional labs can join the KODAK Pro Lab Resource Center, at a level that´s right for them. Each level has its own features and benefits: Check out the chart below to see what each level delivers to member labs. Joining is easy. Your first step is to sign up for a Site I.D. that will get you inside the KODAK Pro Lab Resource Center site.

Membership Level Benefits
Workflow and Technical Support
Information on Color Management
Purchase Color Management Services
Discounts on Workflow and Technical Services
Training Services
Marketing Support
Marketing Communications Calendar
Listing of Services in Pro Lab Locator
Participation in Kodak Marketing Campaigns
Downloadable Kodak logos, website banners, etc.
Downloadable print ad templates
Downloadable direct mail templates
Business Support
Industry Links Directory
Kodak Pro Lab updates (email and post)
Downloadable Industry Reports
Downloadable Business and Marketing tips and advice
Interactive tools to help develop your marketing plan

 What Level Do You Qualify For?

To qualify for Standard membership, all you have to do is receive a Site I.D, and you´ll be able to gain access to the KODAK Pro Lab Resource Center site.

To qualify for Premium membership, your lab must meet the following requirements:

  • A percentage of lab revenue must be gained from professional clients (i.e., Commercial, Portrait/Social, and/or Schools, or labs must have a major Professional Department within a Consumer/Photofinishing Lab).

  • To qualify for Premium Status in the PLRC, Customers must exclusively use KODAK PROFESSIONAL Media and KODAK PROFESSIONAL Photochemicals for their own production. Where a non-KODAK PROFESSIONAL Media and KODAK PROFESSIONAL Photochemicals product is required by a Customer, Customer shall inform Kodak, in writing, and seek an exception to the exclusivity requirement for Premium Status. Kodak will evaluate the request and, at the sole discretion of Kodak Sales/Sales Management personnel, may approve an exception in writing to Customer. In the event Customer does not exclusively use Kodak Media Products and does not obtain the written approval from Kodak, Kodak reserves the right to revoke the Premium Status at any time.

  • Those labs serving independent photographers must specify the main markets they serve and indicate in the Pro Lab Locator the categories of services they offer.
Join the KODAK Pro Lab Resource Center today! Your first step is to sign up for a Site I.D.